If you want to report a repair you can either:

  • Call directly into our office in the Minto Centre, Westfield
  • Telephone us on (01900) 602906
  • Email us on
  • For out of hours emergency repairs please call 0845 345 7808. If you wish to report non-urgent repairs just ring the office as usual and leave a message on the answer machine. This will be dealt with on our return to work on the next working day.

When you report a repair we need to know:

  • Details of exactly what is wrong or what needs to be fixed
  • A time when you will be in your home to give access to the contractor (alternatively, call into the office with your key and give us permission to use it).
  • Your telephone number

Out of Hours Service for Emergencies

Please think carefully before using this service as you may be charged for non- urgent matters. The cost for these calls can be £100 or more. Please also note that it is the tenant's own responsibility for paying for broken windows.

Repairs and Maintenance

We recognise that our repairs and maintenance service is, for the majority of our customers, our most important service. We will provide professional and competent maintenance contractors and ensure they follow a code of conduct.

We will try to complete jobs as quickly as is considered reasonable and certainly within the following times

  • emergency repairs in 24 hours
  • urgent repairs in 3 days
  • routine repairs in 21 days

We will constantly monitor and seek to improve the service by asking you about our performance on every repair job we do.

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