Estate Walkabout August 2020

We would like to give a special thanks to our Town Councilors John Hunter & Sean Melton and to our Board Member Henry Barker for joining us on our recent Estate Walkabout.
Congratulations to Ms. Pattinson and Mr. Plaskett, who received a leaflet through the door for their well-kept garden and went on to win the prize draw of £50 worth of B&Q vouchers!!

Following our walkabout, we have…

Allerdale Borough Council Cumbria County Council Tenants/Residents Repairs
Reported Dog Muck to Allerdale Borough Council

Followed up a report of an abandoned vehicle
Reported potholes in the roads to Cumbria County Council
Reported faded street signs to Cumbria County Council
Written out to all those who rent garage plots to remind them to keep the garages/plots in good order

Written out to a number of tenants to remind them to keep the gardens tidy and free from rubbish
Raised jobs for areas with overgrown weeds to be cleared

Arranged for rubbish items to be cleared from garage areas

Raised job for blocked drains to be cleared in the Windsor Road garage plot area
Raised job for damaged fences/gates to be repaired

Our next walk about will be planned for March 2021. If you wish to join us please contact Susan on 07780 960 267 for further information.