In Memory of Joan Minto - Stalwart of the Community and Friend to All

Joan Minto
1931 - 2019
Stalwart of the Community and Friend to All

Tenant, former Board member and Chairman of Westfield Housing Association and Footsteps Nursery

It is with great sadness we have to tell you that Joan Minto died on Sunday 22nd September 2019.

Joan had been a tenant of the Association for a remarkable 61 years.  Joan and her late husband Billy moved into their home in 1958 where they were wonderfully happy for 45 years until Billy’s sad passing in 2003.

Together they served the people of Westfield through their work as Councillors, School Governors and Board members and Chairmen of the Association and the list goes on.

Joan was always the person you would go to for help and advice and over the years her guidance and wise words were dished out on a daily basis as her door was always open to everyone.

During her 35 years service on the Association’s Board, Joan worked tirelessly for the Association and more importantly the people of Westfield.  Joan was the natural successor to take over as our Chairman after her beloved Billy and she remained Chairman for 10 years until stepping down from the role in 2014.  Joan dedicated her time as Chairman to ensuring that, throughout its growth, the Association retained its community focus.

Also during her 10 year tenure as Chairman she was instrumental in the development and opening of the Minto Centre and the birth and growth of the Footsteps Nursery.  Joan loved children and she enjoyed spending time in our Nursery and served on the Nursery Committee for many years.

Together with our Director at the time Graham Howarth, Joan was very proud when she collected not one but two UK Housing Awards in 2012.   Landlord of the Year and the best Small Housing Association of the Year awards on behalf of the Association in 2012.

Although Joan stepped down from the Board in 2017 she continued to take great interest in the Association and what was going on and as she said at our Annual General Meeting just last week she had been watching the Chairman to check he was doing a good job for the tenants.  That’s our Joan.

Joan - thank you for all you have done for us all and God Bless – reunited with her beloved Billy.